Not a time to be stingy

What I am having trouble understanding is why people seem to want a recession. The way I see it, what we wish for will come to pass if we do our best to make it happen. Now, I know rightfully that most people don’t want to see a recession. However, as the news broadcasts bad news (which it does from time to time) people begin to loose faith in society, get scared and worry about loosing their millions. So they pull it from the market. This causes companies to suffer and their numbers drop so they downsize and the ripple effect spreads from there. Now, I know that this big expensive hobby we have going on overseas is not helping things much and China will own us for eternity but we do, as a whole, make our own fate. Spend the money you have, people, because it’s going to be worth less tomorrow than it was last Friday anyway. Gas prices are the first and for many the only thing we see on a day to day basis but it’s not really the price of gas that is going up – it’s the cost of everything. Inflation has been recalculated on a different scale because it’s just that bad (+15% not 6 or 7) and every time our country magically comes up with an astronomical figure for some bailout or some other expenditure it’s partly if not mainly because they just print more money. Since our money is no longer backed by anything of value (Gold) it can be more flexible. Unfortunately, it’ll eventually become worthless. Remember when our dollar used to be worth more than one from Canada? Not any more.

I believe in capitalism – I have to, I live here. But I have a hard time understanding that there can be so many multi million dollar actors, singers and athletes, etc. who can finance a small country all by themselves but our overall economy is so bad. I can’t propose the solution but it’s a broad spectrum to recognize.

By ianmaffett

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