Gun Control

With our major upcoming decision there is one old factor on many people’s minds. This is gun control. While this would not likely be the sole reason to sway one’s decision I think many are just looking at it all wrong. I feel that the majority of those who would like to see guns ‘go away’ don’t realize that the only guns that will be gone are the legal ones. Criminals aren’t supposed to have guns in the first place and even if they’re entirely illegal such people will still be able to get them. Sort of like the way heroin and cocaine is illegal – it doesn’t stop those who do not abide by the law. Now, it may prevent accidental shootings and / or spontaneous spousal murders and perhaps even make school shootings more scarce – and all of this would be good, however, it’s not going to cut crime. In fact, it is more likely to cause crime and home invasions to skyrocket.  Just remember… If guns kill people, spoons made my Aunt Sally fat.

By ianmaffett

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