VotEd 2Day

So, I go today to vote at my dinky little poll station. It happens to be our local fire station. I was happy overall because there was very little wait and I had as much time to match. The one thing that really threw me off was the ballot machine. We had a paper ballot which we entered into a machine (much like a large industrial shredder) once we had completed making our marks. Everything was fine until I asked the Monitor of this machine whether it had to go in face up or face down because her response was ‘Doesn’t matter’. Being technical minded I am having trouble with this. How many fax machines or copiers or other devices with a scanner of sorts is not particular as to how its media is inserted? I know of none. It’s possible that it has dual scanners and is somewhat intelligent but I am having difficulty with that assumption. Either way, she should at least make something up and say ‘Face down’. I would have felt so much better.

By ianmaffett

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