2 things that need to exist today

1. Instant voice messaging (IVM)

– you don’t always want to call someone – just send them a quick message. Text is good for this but not all the time. Driving is the finest example, even though one should not talk on the phone while driving, texting is even worse. We went through the PTT phase but I don’t always want live, full duplex conversation – or I’d call.

2. A Laptop style desktop solution.

– not everyone has the room or resources for a full fledged desk but laptops work for anyone. However, laptops are not perfect either. What we need here is a laptop ‘shell’ if you will… something that looks and feels like a laptop but is simply a display, keyboard and mouse that connects to a desktop that may be neatly stowed in the entertainment center or end table. Once cable that’s long enough to reach the desktop and make all of the necessary connections – USB included.

Just my thoughts for the morning.

By ianmaffett

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