Descendants of Imaginary Friends

The other night we held our first of what hopes to be an ongoing social event. As the title states, our group is informally known as Descendants of Imaginary Friends: A Social Club. The name may change but I do happen to like it.

The initial turnout was more than I had expected. Thinking that there would be 4-5 people there, I was pretty surprised when I arrived to find there were over a dozen people already. The atmosphere was great and the place where it was held (thanks to Tony) was very nice, indeed. It seems that it’s available for us as long as we reserve it – who can beat it. You’ll get an idea from the pictures posted below. I was going to post them inline but that seems to jumble up the reading.

The rules as I knew them were simple – bring a bottle or two of wine. I did just that and as everyone else did this gave us quite a selection – much of which evaporated throughout the evening. Several brought crackers of choice and a couple of cheeses. A particular Roth Reserve that is one of my favorites was present, as well.

Although I arrived about thirty minutes late the event began around 8P and ran right up to about 11:30 with very few leaving prior to that. I thought that was promising given that it was a Wednesday…  I can only hope for the same turnout next month.













By ianmaffett

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