Abs are missing

I guess reality is beginning to settle in with age. For the first time in my life I can barely see my abs, if actually at all. This is a big problem for me – I guess you really do start to change once you hit 30. I suppose my lifestyle has slowed down to accomodate my metabolism, though. I physically ‘do’ less than I ever have, so I must deserve it. 192 on the meter and although I haven’t stepped on a scale in a year, that’s a tad high. Enter the part of a difficult choice… How to battle it. I guess I could take advantage of having a tread-climber in my bedroom. I have been on it in the past- it scares me. I have never found a piece of equipment that can kick my ass so efficiently. Must be that ‘out of shape’ thing. I must admit however that it currently does a masterful job as a clothes hanger and dryer since that has been it’s full time and only job for about a year.

By ianmaffett

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