Wine Library to Manhattan

This weekend involved a trip to Springfield, NJ for a visit to the beautiful Wine Library ( which was followed by a drive into lower Manhattan.
I got up and out of the house early (by 9) to start the day. Hit the Library right around 11:30 and chilled there for a good hour. Actually, it was a great hour. Everett hooked me up once again with a winning cheese and also a highly recommended breakfast sausage. Very flavorful, indeed. The remainder is for dinner tonight since I don’t want to wait until my next opportunity to cook breakfast.
I had been there before but I was alone. This time, I took my wife and daughter as well as a friend, John. John has no idea who Gary is but wanted to see the Library from my explanation of my previous visit. Big hit for all.
When we got in the area my wife was the first to notice that the local police were directing traffic on the 4 lane where the Library resides. Additionally, there was a gentleman (at least one) parking cars in the lot expeditiously. So far, so good….
The place was packed – I mean… what economic downturn? Who? I had promised previously that on my next visit I was going to try to get a video walk-through to give some of you who can’t see this place a valid chance, but… it just wasn’t the time.
Additionally, I have never seen such a staff of people at work. This is indescribable and really must be witnessed to be appreciated. Not only are they vast but they’re also (as you would expect) very knowledgeable. Big props.
So, after spending plenty, I picked up a copy of Gary’s book, which he graciously signed for me and headed on my way.
When we left the Library we went on into Manhattan.
(so you don’t have to read a novel, I’ll post that part later…)


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