Great Holiday

It really was a good Holiday. It’s not over yet and I have a lot of content worth posting already but it’s not ready and I’m feeling lazy today.
Had about 15 people at my house – some that I didn’t even know. I think they were walking by and saw the happenings and dropped in…
My daughter was pretty excited to open her iPod touch and DSLite – she hasn’t done much with the DS yet but I’ve been keeping it busy. I have to say, I am pretty impressed with the functionality of the iPod for its use by children. Perhaps not exactly a 4 year old but regardless, being able to lock the maximum volume level totally rocks. Additionally, this can’t be modified without a passcode. Also, the restrictions which block certain parts of access such as iTunes, YouTube, Safari, etc… I left YouTube open because she loves that. She is going to have so much more fun with it once she learns how to read.


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