Marky Mark Wahlberg

I am a pretty big fan. Being 32 years old this May puts me right on the exact time line to be a fan of Mark and in all of his work. I was in high school from 91 – 95 and I was as social then as I am today. Only at that time I was limited to those whom I knew personally. I attended just about everything there was to do… and so did Marky Mark. There was not an event throughout this time that Good Vibrations didn’t play at least once. (Generally, only once… but they would have played it more if they could have.) Needless to say, whenever I hear this song today it has the ability to take me back. I know you’ve been there.
Some years later, I find myself watching him through Renaissance Man, Fear and The Perfect Storm (which is a movie I absolutely loose myself in) and finally, Planet of the Apes on into The Italian Job, etc. Now, I’ll be honest here… it was not until the Italian Job that I realized that Marky Mark and Mark Wahlberg were the same person. There was something about this tied to the fact that I liked the roles he was playing by this time that made me a pretty big fan. He has a Keanu curve of overacting ability but not too bad in my opinion. More importantly, he plays his roles well.

By ianmaffett

One comment on “Marky Mark Wahlberg

  1. First, nice blog layout. Second, yeah, Mark Wahlberg is great. If you haven’t seen “I ♥ Huckabees” then you need to. It’s one of his best roles. Also, check out “The Departed” – great roles by Mark, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matt Damon – then again all Martin Scorsese movies are good.

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