OS X Screen Sharing link on Desktop or Dock

IconIt is as easy to create a link directly to your favorite remote Mac running OS X as it is to bookmark a website. Now, I say remote but of course I am referring to a machine on your local network. Additionally, screen sharing must be enabled on your target Mac.

System Preferences – Sharing and Screen Sharing, etc. will take care of that for you. In here you will also see the name and/or IP you can use to connect to your Mac.


BarOpen Safari and instead of entering a web URL such as http://www.google.com you would enter vnc:// or whatever your IP address is. Alternatively, you can use the machine’s Bonjour name such as vnc://G5.local but you must use the ‘.local’ after the name. Once you do this, do not hit Enter as you would if you were going to visit a web link but instead simply drag the link image immediately to the left of the V of vnc to your desktop or your dock. Once it copies, it is a shortcut directly to your screen sharing session – once your password is saved, if you choose to do so, all that needs to be done is to open this link.

I use this regularly to control my G5 which is connected to my HDTV and sound system.

By ianmaffett

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