Blackberry Modem

Do with this what you will – if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, this is not for you.

The following is a conglomeration of data that has proven very handy. Posting it to share with my online friends. Mine has been working great on AT&T for several months. I generally get a 128K connection. It’s not the fastest but it’s a great utility. Most carriers have this feature available but require a fee. This does not.

Blackberry Modem
1. Introduction

A BlackBerry can usually be used as an external modem for a laptop to obtain internet access.

2. Supported BlackBerry Models
Model 710X: Success (Rogers, T-Mobile)
Model 7290: Success (Rogers, AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile)
Model 7250: Success (Verizon)
Model 8100 Pearl: Success (T-Mobile)
Model 8300 Curve: Success (T-Mobile)
Model 8320 Curve (via BlueTooth): Success (T-Mobile)
Model 8310 Curve (via BlueTooth): Success (AT&T)
Model 8800: Success (T-Mobile)
Model 8700: Success (T-Mobile, Rogers, Cingular, Verizon)
Model 7130e: Success (Verizon, Bell Mobility)
Model 7510/7520/7230/7280/7730/7780/7100i: Use
All Older Models: Use
Other Models Than Listed Above: There is no modem built in. However, you can use thirdparty
modem software called Shark Modem at
3. Supported Carriers
Carrier AT&T: Success!
Carrier Rogers: Success!
Carrier Vodafone: Success!
Carrier T-Mobile: Success!
Carrier SwissCom: Success!
Carrier Verizon: Sometimes Successful
Carrier Cingular: Sometimes Successful
Carrier Nextel/Telus: May need to use
Carrier Sprint: May need to use
Carrier Bell Mobility: 7130e Confirmed, Must use
4. Connect Your BlackBerry
Make sure your BlackBerry is connected by USB cable, and your BlackBerry Handheld
Manager is running (just launch BlackBerry Desktop to run it.) This is necessary for
using the BlackBerry as an external modem. You cannot use BlackBerry as a modem
unless you have BlackBerry Handheld Manager running in the background! Note: For a
Bluetooth modem connection on new Curve devices the BlackBerry Manager does not
have to run in the background for the connection to work. You need to simply pair
your laptop and the Curve.
5. Modem Driver Install
If you installed a recent version of BlackBerry Desktop that came with a new
Blackberry, it should include modem drivers and already be automatically installed. In
the event you need to manually install them, the modem drivers should be located in
this directory:
C:\program files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Modem Drivers
However, if you are having problems with these drivers, uninstall, delete all leftover
RIM files, and then reinstall the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop.
6. Verify The Modem Driver Is Functioning
Go to Control Panel -> Phone & Modem Options. In the Modems tab, you should see a
new Standard Modem on a new port (such as COM6 or COM11). Click Properties ->
Diagnostics -> Query Modem. You should see the following:Quote:
AT+GMM – BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI1 – Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI2 – Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI3 – Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI4 – Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI5 – Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI6 – Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI7 – Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
Note: This may look different on Nextel 7520, or Sprint/Verizon/Bell Mobility 7250.
This is normal. Just make sure there is a response at all, rather than no response.
Click Properties -> Advanced. Add only ONE of the following Extra initialization
commands with the appropriate carrier-specific APN Setting:
TMOBILE USA Users (Success!)
This is a newer string from TMO that works: +cgdcont=1,,””
Another alternate string (required for BlackBerry 8100 Pearl & BlackBerry 8800):
Cingular Blue/AT&T Users (Success!)
Cingular Orange Users (Success!)
AT&T Users (Success!) _ THIS WORKED FOR ME ON AT&T
Verizon Users (Success!) – Keep blank
Nextel/Telus iDEN Users (untested) – Keep blank
Sprint/Bell Mobility CDMA Users (untested) – Keep blank
8. Add A New Internet Connection
Close the Phone and Modem Options and the Control Panel.
For XP: Create a new connection with Start -> Connect To -> Show all connections ->
Create a new connection.
1. Click Next
2. Select “Connect To The Internet” then Next
3. Select “Set up my connection manually” then Next
4. Select “Connect using a dial-up modem” then Next.
For Vista: Create a new connection with Start -> Connect To ->
1. Set up a connection or network
2. Choose a connection option: Click on “Connect to the Internet (Set up a wireless,
broadband, or dial-up connection to the Internet.”
3. You are already connected to the Internet – Click on “Set up a new connection
4. At “How do you want to connect?” Click on “Dial-up”
5. Check only the Standard Modem (if prompted).
6. Give the connection a name such as “BlackBerry Modem”, then Next.
7. On the next screen, pick one of the following phone numbers, depending on your
….If you use GSM/Cingular/TMobile/SwissCom: Enter phone number *99#
If you use AT&T: Enter phone number: *99***1# _ THIS WORKED FOR
….If you use iDEN/Nextel/Telus: Enter phone number S=2
….If you use CDMA/Verizon/Sprint/Bell Canada: Enter phone number #777
8. Click Next.
9. On the next screen, pick one of the following, depending on your carrier:
….If you use Cingular Blue, AT&T or Nextel:
………Username: (blank)
………Password: (blank)
….If you use Cingular Orange, AT&T: _ THIS WORKED FOR ME ON AT&T
………Password: CINGULAR1
….If you use T-Mobile:
………Username: (Your TMobile 10-digit phone number)
………Password: (Your existing Password)
………Note: In USA, you can leave both blank
….If you use Verizon, replace 8005551212 with your phone number:
………Password: 8005551212
….If you use Sprint:
………Username: (Your existing Sprint PCS Username)
………Password: (Your existing Sprint PCS Password)
….If you use Bell Mobility, replace 8005551212 with your phone number:
………Password: (Your Bell Mobility Voicemail PIN)
10. Clear all checkboxes (“Use…when anyone…” and “Make this the default…”)
11. Click Finish
9. Disable IP Header Compression
Make sure TCP/IP Properties (Advanced) “Use IP Header Compression” checkbox is NOT
checked. To verify this, do these steps:
1. Start Menu->Network Connections->”BlackBerry Modem”
2. Click Properties Button
3. Click Networking Tab
4. Select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”
5. Click Properties Button
6. Click Advanced… Button
7. Disable “Use IP header compression” checkbox
8. Click all OK buttons to close all dialogs
Also make sure you clear all these checkboxes, if you see any of these checked:
Turn off “Enable Hardware Flow Control”
Turn off “Enable Modem Error Control”
Turn off “Enable Modem Compression”
10. Surf On The Laptop!
Connect to the Internet on the laptop by clicking the “BlackBerry Modem” icon via
Start Menu->Network Connections. No username or password is needed.


Abs are missing

I guess reality is beginning to settle in with age. For the first time in my life I can barely see my abs, if actually at all. This is a big problem for me – I guess you really do start to change once you hit 30. I suppose my lifestyle has slowed down to accomodate my metabolism, though. I physically ‘do’ less than I ever have, so I must deserve it. 192 on the meter and although I haven’t stepped on a scale in a year, that’s a tad high. Enter the part of a difficult choice… How to battle it. I guess I could take advantage of having a tread-climber in my bedroom. I have been on it in the past- it scares me. I have never found a piece of equipment that can kick my ass so efficiently. Must be that ‘out of shape’ thing. I must admit however that it currently does a masterful job as a clothes hanger and dryer since that has been it’s full time and only job for about a year.

By ianmaffett

Epic Change

I am posting about a site called Epic Change. I was initially going to post about them due to a contest that they are holding but it is no longer for this reason alone. I feel that after reading in greater detail the causes that are supported here it is a far more noble venture to write about them as a service provider.

Epic Change ( is a site which allows us to recognize the less fortunate and perhaps give a little back. So many of us take so much for granted daily that if for one day we were in someone’s shoes who was less fortunate in life, we wouldn’t know what to do.  The bigger picture here is that EC doesn’t focus on only one cause but the cause at a community level. So, take a look and see what Epic Change has to offer. Items such as holiday cards and gifts can be purchased at their site with partial purchases going toward the cause.

By ianmaffett

Lack of illness

A touch of catchup:

I feel that I am finally beginning to rid myself of this recent illness. I, as many do, get sick nearly every year around this time but this year was quite bad, really. It was definitely more than a common cold. I am nearly certain that it was Fluish but there was no sore throat at all. Major congestion and a lot of body pain. Anyway…

I completed my first full week of work in the new office. I don’t seem to mind it at all. The commute has (now pay attention) gone from 7 miles to 57 miles while changing from a ~30 minute drive to a ~65 minute drive. I hope the novelty doesn’t wear off but I actually like the longer, more rural drive.  Regardless, I’m glad it’s Friday.

I had a dinner tonight where I was, as expected, chosen to speak a bit. I was doing fine through the beginning and got to the point where I would introduce those with me, my wife and daughter. I introduced my wife with no hiccup, as planned. After a few words I introduced my daughter who is nearly 5. While I was talking about her and introducing her I looked down at her sitting by me and she was looking at me so intensely in such a way that it just stopped my words dead. We gazed at one another for a moment and the realization was nearly instant that I was done – I would not be able to continue… and I couldn’t. I couldn’t say another word. My face felt hot, my chin was quivering and my eyes were watering. I don’t know what it was but I just began to cry and couldn’t fight it for all I was worth. I simply ended with ‘she is what drives me to be a better man.’ and sat down promptly.  She tests me to no end at times but she is like nothing else in my life.

Have a great weekend.

By ianmaffett

Old bands vs new ideas

Why is it that old bands such as Metallica and AC/DC have to be so stubborn with the change in times? Don’t get me wrong, I have always liked these bands and even still listen to them from time to time but they keep fighting a fruitless battle for their antiquated ideals. Thirty-five years ago when they signed their contracts with record labels I am sure that there were a few unforseen circumstances. Aren’t there always…

Ok, so Metallica’s biggest bitch a few years back was enveloped in music piracy and I can understand that one but their theories were still out there. AC/DC won’t allow any of their songs to be sold on iTunes because “they believe that their artistic value lies within entire albums”. Respectable. I guess… what I see here is that they know full well that they had a tops of two good songs on each album and the rest were fill. Back in their day, the day of the cassette, they had this control since you had to buy the entire album. They didn’t release singles because it’s likely that full album sales would drop off.

iTunes is one of the largest, most common download services and a per song download process is certainly prevailent.  So keep your artistic value, AC/DC – there are plenty of sites who do offer your albums in full. Even sites with all of them.

The moral of the story is that half of a loaf of bread is sometimes better than no bread at all.

First post since the updated interface

Not that the interface should make a difference…. I still need to post more.

I have been sick for the last 2 days. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be gone. Doubt it, though.

Stayed home from work today. No Tv, very little computer (for those who know me, that’s a feat) and I just relaxed and rested on the couch. It was nice, actually. Except for a 90 minute interlude of one of my neighbors grinding something metal over and over.

By ianmaffett

Winter Poem

I found this beautiful winter poem and thought it might comfort you.
It was to me and it’s very well written and I hope that you enjoy it.

by Abigail Elizabeth  McIntyre

Shit It’s Cold

The  End

By ianmaffett

Nothing (well, not much, anyway) to report.

Just a futile attempt to reach out and let everyone who checks know that I am still alive. Typical Monday and not much happened out of the ordinary. I have found myself on the phone a lot more now that I have such a commute. I can see myself getting into those wretched rollover minutes before long. Everyone knows the rollovers aren’t as good as the monthly plan minutes… I know, isn’t that stupid? Right. But, however stupid, you and I both know the meaning and recognize it. Good point. Things don’t have to be *good* to be remembered and therefor valuable in some way.

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1st day, new what?

Well, it’s my first day at a new location but pretty much same job, same company – just an office 7 times farther from home than my previous office. 7 times the distance – just over twice the travel time so that’s not all that bad. Well, Ok… it’s a tad different job, also. Rather than supporting only one of our sites I am now supporting all of them. I guess that’s a difference. I don’t know. It’s all still quite new. Just happy I still have access to everything I need / want, etc. I will miss everyone from the old office, though. I might get to visit from time to time.

By ianmaffett

Descendants of Imaginary Friends

The other night we held our first of what hopes to be an ongoing social event. As the title states, our group is informally known as Descendants of Imaginary Friends: A Social Club. The name may change but I do happen to like it.

The initial turnout was more than I had expected. Thinking that there would be 4-5 people there, I was pretty surprised when I arrived to find there were over a dozen people already. The atmosphere was great and the place where it was held (thanks to Tony) was very nice, indeed. It seems that it’s available for us as long as we reserve it – who can beat it. You’ll get an idea from the pictures posted below. I was going to post them inline but that seems to jumble up the reading.

The rules as I knew them were simple – bring a bottle or two of wine. I did just that and as everyone else did this gave us quite a selection – much of which evaporated throughout the evening. Several brought crackers of choice and a couple of cheeses. A particular Roth Reserve that is one of my favorites was present, as well.

Although I arrived about thirty minutes late the event began around 8P and ran right up to about 11:30 with very few leaving prior to that. I thought that was promising given that it was a Wednesday…  I can only hope for the same turnout next month.













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